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24 000 tons of products we produce per one year 7 stages the production of quality products
2 250 м2 of modern production
We are developing new products for our own account
(with regular customers)
We are giving a guarantee on the seam and save on tube geometry
All products carried in the timber which reduces the possibility of damage

Stages of production

  • First stage Unwinding of the roll We are taking the large metal coils and unwinding them on the strip. Further, we will produce the pipe using these strips
  • Second stage Winding of the roll Metal tape is wound back into a roll. Further, this tape will get into the accumulation storage (for the production of large diameter pipe) or in the forming unit (for the production of pipes of small diameter)
  • Third stage Sending the roll into the accumulation storages A roll of metallic tape is sent to the accumulation storages, as in the manufacture of the pipe required a continuous supply of metal strip
  • Fourth stage Forming unit Metal strip enters into the forming unit where step-by-step it takes the form of the desired product. In the forming unit we set the appropriate snap-ins depending on what form should be
  • Fifth stage Welding pipe Once the metal strip is formed into the desired shape, we conduct the welding of the seam of the pipe
  • Sixth stage Cutting After welding the pipe moves along the production line and we are cutting it to the desired length
  • Seventh stage Control The final step is control. Pipe enters at the last stage of the production line and it stacks in the same place where we control the quality by our specialists for compliance of the standard. If we have some mismatch the pipe goes to manufacturing defect but never to the customer

Product Certificates